Suman is the Artistic director and co-founder of Dance Unlimited. In his early Salsa career, he competed and won various Salsa competitions. Having also travelled widely in Asia to teach and perform, together with their dance teams, and teach at various Salsa festivals, namely, Philippines, India, Hong Kong, Thailand and China over the last 13 years.
Being an ardent advocate of Salsa, Suman has played an integral role in shaping the growth of Salsa events in Asia by supporting them since their inception. As a seasoned choreographer, Suman has worked with several production houses to feature in and provide artistic direction for documentaries, trailers and dance reality shows. Known as one of the well-respected stalwarts in the Singapore Salsa scene, Suman has been invited to judge at numerous local and regional competitions over the years.
Suman’s passion for performance continues to burn bright as he is constantly inspired by the love of dance, and motivated by the desire to break through new boundaries and the adrenaline rush that only the stage can bring.